aporizers are used together with cryogenic tanks to evaporate carbon dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N), Argon (Ar) other gaseous liquids transported stored liquefied. The ambient temperature meets the energy required the cryogenic liquid passing through the evaporator evaporates to the gas phase re-used.

Our vaporizers are produced by serial parallel connection of finned pipes produced by special aluminum alloy extrusion method. This evaporator type, which can provide high heat transfer thanks to the space created by the open flaps, is sufficient to provide the required gas capacity in many applications.

CRYOTEKNIK, fluid amount, working time, full temperature, relative humidity, freezing time, the geographical height of the region the vaporizer works, wind, solar radiation, operating pressure, factors affecting the vaporizer performance as directly affecting the design parameters to meet the needs of different capacities tank pressurizer, low high pressure vaporizers.

The following fluids can be used in atmospheric vaporizers:

  • PED is designed manufactured according to 2014/68 / EU.
  • It has CE marking.
  • The maximum permissible operating pressure is 40 – 300 bar.
  • Oxygen was cleaned by service.
  • Earthquake calculations were made according to uniform building code zone 4.
  • Low pressure loss,
  • Efficient winged pipe design,
  • External internal surfaces are optimized for optimum convection.

The atmospheric vaporizers have the following options:

  • Finned tube evaporators,
  • Fan-reinforced evaporators.

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