Installation, Maintenance Repair Services


– Cryogenic carbon dioxide Tank installations.

– Piping installations including stainless steel copper pipes.

– We carry out periodic maintenance maintenance of your old cryogenic equipment as well as our products.

– On-site Maintenance Repair Services


Liquid Cylinder Maintenance

  • Renewal of the vacuum insulation of liquid cylinders at 1 * 10 ^ -5 mbar level.
  • We test the helium leakages of the inner outer tanks at levels of 1 * 10 ^ -10 ml / sec.
  • We’re doing the tightness checks on the inner tank the valves.
  • We are repairing the damaged, dents damaged areas of the outer tank.
  • We’re repairing damage in the carriage impact circles.
  • We are responsible for cleaning polishing the outer tank.

Cryogenic Tank Maintenance

  • We are able to carry out all kinds of care at your site in our own factory.
  • Vacuum control vacuum removal process.
  • Check the safety valves with spring.
  • Replacement process if your pressure level clocks are required to be verified.
  • We can perform many services such as removal replacement of valve leaks in our customers’ field without the need to carry tanks.

Our Factory Maintenance Repair Services

  • We carry out all the functional controls of your tanks with our high technology equipments within our factory.
  • First of all, we check the leakage of the internal tank with the helium leak detector in our factory with accuracy up to 1 * 10 ^ -12 ml / sec.
  • We perform the necessary repairs on the outer surfaces of the tanks with the inner surface.
  • The leakage control of your outer tanks is carried out with the helium leak detector.
  • Your tanks passing through these stages are vacuumed with our high capacity pumps.
  • The static vacuum value is fixed in the range of 1 * 10 ^ -2 the vacuum process is terminated.
  • After the field, the sealing tests of your valves are performed.
  • In the final stage, our tank is delivered to our customers by sanding painting.