Cryo Teknik

Cryo Teknik

Inder to serve you better, we have had an even wider product range with our efforts in cooperation with the leading companies of the gas industry with the strong support of Zafer Development Agency. With these developments, in addition to our existing products, our cryogenic tank productions starting3000 lt with 200 lt, 600 lt, 1000 lt portable cryogenic tanks have taken our place in our product range. In Manisa-Turgutlu, we continue our works by using the latest innovative technologies which are the necessity of Cryogenic Industry in 1500 m2 closed area.

Our Production Areas & Our Product Groups

cryoteknik icon Special Production in Desired Sizes According to Requirements

cryoteknik icon Cryogenic Tank and Liquid Cylinder Production

cryoteknik icon Next Generation Technologies Industrial Solutions